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Kitten/Retired Adult Application Form - Cairistona Cattery

Please use the form below to contact us if you are interested in a Burmese, Mandalay or Burmilla kitten or retired adult. Prior to filling in this form, please ensure you have read the Information for Prospective Owners page on our website. Burmese and Mandalay kittens are $1800 each. Burmilla kittens are $1500 each. All information supplied in this form will be kept private and used only by us.

Kitten preferences

Preferred Coat Color:



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Other Information


In order for us to select the perfect kitten for you, we would like to know about any kids in the household where the kitten will be placed in.


Are there any allergies in the household that we need to know about?

Other pets at home:

Are there any other pets in the household?


How would you like to collect the kitten? We do offer pick up in person, air travel or in some cases we can organise to meet half way if under 3 hours travel time by road each way.

Preferred Date:

When would you prefer to get the kitten?

Why have you decided a Burmese, Mandalay or Burmilla is for you?:

Have you owned a Burmese, Mandalay or Burmilla before?:

Do you rent or own your own home?:

Will someone be home for company during the day?:

If there will be no company during the day, would you consider two kittens?:

Are you interested in a kitten or retired adult?:

Do you live by a busy road?:

NOTE: Homes close to busy roads where cats will be allowed to roam will not be considered.

Please indicate your intentions to keep your cat safe?:

Please indicate your preference in regards to breed?:

Are you interested in showing your cats?:

This in no way affects your place on our contact list - however assists us in kitten selection.

Do you wish to provide any other information or ask any questions?:

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